Element Group is the Distributor for CONTA-CLIP which is a medium-sized, family run company that places its core values of reliability and customer orientation at the center of its everyday business. That includes being prepared to continuously optimize our value creation chain and to adapt individually to the specific applications and requirements of widely differing branches of industry. That is how we are able to create our specific solutions for the automobile industry, railway vehicle and track technology, materials handling, building automation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, mechanical and systems engineering, instrumentation and control systems, instrument panel construction, marine engineering, control systems, transformer construction and environmental technology.

Users of connection technology have been trusting components from CONTA-CLIP for more than 30 years. One reason is because Conta Clip is able to offer them a diversified assortment of excellent solutions ‘Made in Germany’. And another reason is because they don’t just consider themselves to be purely manufacturers, but versatile service providers and committed partners to industry.


CONTA-CLIP products ranges: the industrial electric connection technology CONTA-CONNECT, the electric and electronic coupling level CONTA-ELECTRONICS and the printed board connection technology CONTA-CON.